Friday, April 15, 2011


No...this is NOT an Omega. This is Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic...

Tag watches are world famous, worn and endorsed by celebs, sportsmen and politicians.

Whereas Omega was only made famous by Mr Sleuth James Bond 007. Omega was the official timepiece for Mr Bond, as much the Aston Martin was his ride in the pre-Millennium Bond movies but the honour is now with BMW.

Jaguar was the official ride for British sleuth Simon Templar's tv series while Volvo S40 was the sleuth's ride in The Saint, the movie. The was no official timepiece.

Recently Omega was suddenly a well-known brand so much so a longhouse chieftain (tuai) in Sarawak had asked a certain politician of a his watch reported missing (or was it stolen?) from a certain hotel room. That means the tuai was a well-informed person, especially on the brand.

In fact the whole country is overwhelmed by this Omega brand, i.e. a certain specially-designed model said to be a gift from a certain Arab kingdom.

The problem with the politician was that he is an Omega, not a Tag Heuer.

For guys (yours truly included) with Tag, we are just like the brand, "Tag Heuer: Don't Crack Under Preassure"...