Sunday, March 29, 2009


He walks into a grand entrance and a thunderous reception.

Very apt for the Godfather of Umno. Afterall, this is his Umno, his party and his everything.

"Wow!, what a return", somebody quipped while watching the drama unfolding at Dewan Merdeka PWTC, the very same hall he had announced "dah lama dah!" in 2003 to the unprepared crowd while winding up the debate at another assembly.

In the same breath and sentence Grand Old Masta Tun Dr Mohamad told the delegates that he is quiting after more than 20 years at the top.

This time he is staying for good, after having kept his word that he will only re-join the party once "that guy" is done with. And Abdullah Haji Ahmad is already a history.

Welcome Home Sir!

There are losers -- good losers and bad losers.

Bad losers reflect their inner self for they do not practise what they preach.

Good losers are like Mukhriz Mahathir while the opposite is embodied in an Old Lady (a grandmother actually) who was heading a movement in Umno.

There are bad losers and bad losers, and this is the latter!

Perhaps she could not take it that her tenure ends with a resounding defeat and one that she was not prepared for. But whatever it was, she should have shown her political maturity as a party elder and to show support to the victor.

When she was at the top her usual clarion call was for the Wanita Umno members to close ranks after a contest. Perhaps this time her inner self got the better of her, thus staying away from the assembly for good.

Shahrir Samad, like or hate him but this man is principled, period.

He had announced to resign the Cabinet next week. This is examplary and should be emulated by the others, especially the losers in the keenly contested party election for the Majlis Tertinggi Umno.

What about the others? Today Azalina Othman Said said she will not resign her ministership and leaving it to in-coming prime minister Najib Tun Razak to decide.

By right ALL members of the Cabinet regardless from Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan as well as those from Sabah and Sarawak should resign to make way for the new Cabinet.

If I am not mistaken Dr Rais Yatim, able minister and an an expert on constitutional law said the entire Cabinet is disbanded once the prime minister resigns his chair for he was the one who had nominated to the Yang DiPertuan Agong the formation of the Cabinet or Jemaah Menteri vis-a-vis the consent and appointments.

The Abdullah Cabinet should resign to help Najib prepares for his. The new chief should not be burdened with old political baggages among the members of the Cabinet and they should do the right thing.

In the step taken by Shahrir, the losers (quite a number of them!) should also announced their resignations as soon as possible.

Resigning now is politically and morally correct thing to do.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


At this point of time, there aren't much to say anymore. My hope is that Umno delegates will wise up and put the party above self...

Malaysia awaits Umno delegates and we are holding our breath.

To the Umno delegates, you know what to do...ingatlah Agama, Bangsa dan Tanahair!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


If I am an Umno delegate and knowing that all eyes of the nation are on the party polls next week, then I shall do what is the best for the party, country and for all and sundry.

I shall give my vote to Muhyiddin Yassin as the Deputy President.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Shafie Apdal and Dr Rais Yatim shall be my chosen Vice-Presidents.

And I shall vote for Mukhriz Mahathir as the Umno Youth Head while his deputy should be Razali Ibrahim, Muar Member of Parliament.

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil shall be my choice for the Wanita Umno Head while her deputy Kamilia Ibrahim has already won the post uncontested.

As for the 25 Supreme Council members, I shall seek to balance important forum among the experienced and the young leaders whom had offered themselves to be considered.

Among the young leaders I shall vote for two former youth leaders -- Shaifuddin Abdullah (Pahang) and Idris Harun (Melaka) who were among most promising new faces in the post-Mac 8 general election.

But then again I am not a delegate but hoping them to do what is best for the party and the country, also for all and sundry.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Ketua Menteri Melaka Mohd Ali Rustam wajar meletakkan jawatannya kerana didapati bersalah melanggar etika parti oleh Lembaga Disiplin Umno, menurut mantan perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Saya amat bersetuju dengan pendapat beliau dan ingin menambah bahawa selagi Ali menyandang jawatan itu, ahli Umno, rakyat dan parti pembangkang tidak akan memandang serius usaha Umno membersihkan parti daripada unsur-unsur politik wang, pesalah politik dan politik sumbang.

Tidak perlu berdolak-dalik dalam hal ini kerana Umno adalah punca segala kebangkitan seseorang itu dalam hiraki kepimpinan kerajaan dan oleh kerana parti mendapatinya bersalah maka jalan yang paling mulia untuk memelihara decorum parti ialah dengan meletak jawatan dan berehat sementara.

Pentingkan parti dan bukan diri...

Ali bukanlah yang pertama yang akan berbuat demikian kerana sebelum ini Osman Aroff, Rahim Thamby Chik, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Abu Hassan Omar, Syed Razak Syed Zain, Sanusi Junid dan Mohd Isa Samad pernah mengosongkan kerusi mereka dek kesalahan dan masalah yang pelbagai. Ali juga bukan yang terakhir kerana selepas ini akan adalagi mereka yang bersalah dan perlu mendahulukan kepentingan parti daripada diri.

Bukankah sebelum ini Ali adalah antara yang paling lantang menyuruh Elizabeth Wong meletak jawatan ekoran peristiwa "terselak kain"?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Umno Youth Chief candidate Khairy Jamaluddin was found guilty of breaching Article 10.1 of the Umno membership ethics but was only given a warning, Umno Displinary Board said today.

Bernama reported that he was, however, allowed to contest on the upcoming party polls.

It was the same provision of which Mohd Ali Rustam, a candidate for the deputy presidency was found guilty of and barred from contesting, leaving to two other candidates to slug it out for the coveted job.

With his disqualification, it sure looks like Muhyuddin Yassin, perceived to be only money politics-free and favorite candidate, will have a field day at the polls and could possibly win the seat with a landslide.

It was interesting decision by the board that two members were found to have violated the same article vis-a-vis membership provision but only one was severely punished while the other got away with a slap on the wrist!

It was equally interesting to find out the degree of misconduct of these higher up positions' candidates that had led to two types of punishment -- a mild one as opposed to that of a severe.

The same situation existed during the last party elections in which one candidate for an Umno Youth division was suspended while his contender, also found guilty of the same misconduct was given a warning which tantamount to again, another slap on the wrist, or in the words of former party supremo Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, "he got away scott free".

Perhaps leniency was accorded to him for his extra-party position since he was then holding an important position in a senior minister's office at a certain floor of the main complex of the government's administrative complex in Putrajaya while his contender was a son of a retired senior government official.

For Khairy, it was his baptism of fire since this was his real fight at the top and he fumbled big time...

Whether or not his punishment commensurated with the violation of party ethics the words "didapati bersalah mengikut perkara yang sama tetapi beliau hanya diberi amaran" as was spelt out by chairman of the board Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen were enough to set the tone for voting among the Umno Youth delegates.

They should already knew by now whom to vote for. That they should value their one vote to set the future direction of the movement was tantamount to either endorsing the board's decision or otherwise.

As for Khairy, he should have already comprehend the situation and proceed to do the right thing.

He will be remembered as being an honorable candidate if he decides to withdraw from contesting, as soon as possible.

This is simply because his reputation and standing in the party have been tainted and tarnished with the words "didapati bersalah" and he should exit the polls if ever he has any dignity to protect at the moment.

Khairy should withdraw from contesting, period.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Tahniah Sdra Ibrahim Yahaya!

Anda kini Ketua Pengarah Penyiaran Malaysia.

Ini adalah amanah besar dan jawatan penting, setaraf dengan Ketua Pengarah Perbadanan Penyiaran British atau British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) dan Pengarah Urusan Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Berita Bernama di bawah mengesahkan apa yang sudah kedengaran sejak sebulan dua yang lepas.

Sebenarnya saya sudahpun mengucapkan tahniah kepada Ibrahim ketika menjejak kaki ke Wisma TV (selepas 5 tahun tidak ke sana) kerana dijemput sebagai tetamu Blog@1 di RTM pertengahan bulan lepas.

Namun beliau menjawab “heesh..belum tau lagi Bro, surat tak dapat lagi”.

Beliau menjawab secara berbisik kerana saya pun berbisik ke telinganya mengenai apa yang saya dengar. Saya menambah "takpa la, aku congratulate hang in advance".

Mungkin Ibrahim akan dapat membawa perubahan radikal dan drastik untuk mengegarkan dan mengerakkan semula minda-minda kreatif di Jabatan Penyiaran Malaysia atau lebih dikenali sebagai Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) yang sudah lama “berehat” untuk kembali cergas dan mengambil tempat mereka yang sewajarnya dalam industri penyiaran negara.

Mungkin juga Ibrahim, seorang yang lebih muda daripada ketua-ketua pengarah RTM sebelum ini mempunyai idea-idea baru dan bernas yang mampu memartabatkan semula stesyen itu seperti mana ia berada di bawah teraju Tok Mat dan Khalil Yaakob sebagai Menteri Penerangan.

Mungkin juga RTM perlukan sentuhan-sentuhan individu-individu yang lebih muda dan berwibawa untuk menerajuinya.

Sebelum ini para penyandang jawatan itu dilantik mengikut susunan hireki kepimpinan dalaman yang hakiki, bermaksud apabila pencennya yang di atas maka di bawahpun naiklah, tanpa mengira kemampuan atau merit.

Kesemua mereka menyandang jawatan itu sudah berada dipenghujung kerjaya mereka dalam industri penyiaran dan rata-rata mereka berusia lebih daripada 53 tahun.

Perlantikan Ibrahim merupakan yang pertama daripada kalangan profesional dan "orang luar" dalam sejarah RTM yang sudah berusia lebih daripada 60 tahun.

Sekiranya TV3 membuat "experiment" dengan melantik Farid Ridzuan yang tidak mempunyai latarbelakang penyiaran sebagai ketua pegawai eksekutif stesyen itu dan percubaan itu berjaya maka tidak ada salahnya RTM mengambil pendekatan yang hampir sama.

Bezanya dalam kes RTM ialah kerana Ibrahim turut mempunyai pengalaman penyiaran kerana ramai mengenali beliau sebagai wartawan daripada penyiar. Dalam blognya Ibrahim menyebut dirinya sebagai "journalist forever".

Namun dalam sejarah Kementerian Penerangan Malaysia dalam konteks jabatan kerajaan perlantikan ini bukanlah yang pertama kerana sebelum ini penjawat Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Filem Negara dilantik daripada kalangan Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik untuk sepenggal dua-tahun sebelum jawatan itu "dikembalikan" kepada orang dalam, Raja Rozaimie Raja Dalnish Shah.

Mungkinkah akan ada lagi perubahan drastik selepas ini? Atau dalam Bahasa Inggeris "more better things to come?" Harapnya akan ada lagi lah...

Saya berharap teraju baru RTM akan berupaya mengembalikan era gemilang dan hebatnya sepertimana ia berada di bawah Tok Mat dan Khalil seketika dahulu. Saya berkesempatan berkhidmat selama 10 tahun di Angkasapuri bersama-sama dua individu hebat ini.

Mungkinkah Ahmad Shabery Cheek mampu mengulangi era gemilang itu?

Maka mungkin masanya sudah tiba untuk memikirkan semula nama singkatan Kementerian Penerangan Malaysia dikembalikan kepada KemPen dan tidak lagi menggunakan singkatan MOI ataupun Ministry Of Information.

Ini adalah kerana dalam banyak-banyak kementerian di negara kita ini, tidak ada satupun yang bertuah seperti Kementerian Penerangan yang mempunyai nama dan peranannya dalam satu perkataan yang sama, iaitu KemPen sebagai nama dan Kempen sebagai kerjanya.

Pendek kata, namanya KemPen, kerjanya pun Kempen. Satu kebetulan yang menakjubkan!

Dan apabila ditanya "apakah benda tu yang menyelubungi Angkasapuri tu", maka jawablah "Ooh, itu motif rebab, bukannya belangkas atau gambus ataupun topeng peran Mak Yong".

Motif yang sama digunakan pada menara Bangunan Parlimen Malaysia kerana arkiteknya orang yang sama dan kedua-dua mercu tanda Kuala Lumpur ini juga dibina pada tahun yang sama.

Berita Bernama hari ini...

Bekas pengarang kanan Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd Ibrahim Yahaya dilantik Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Penyiaran (RTM) mulai Isnin.

Ibrahim, 48, menggantikan Abdul Rahman Hamid yang kini bertugas sebagai Penasihat Penyiaran Digital kepada Menteri Penerangan sejak 2 Jan lepas, menurut kenyataan Kementerian Penerangan hari ini.

"Pelantikan beliau berdasarkan pengalaman meluas beliau dalam bidang media dan penyiaran," kenyataan itu menyebut. Sebelum ini, Ibrahim memegang jawatan sebagai Penasihat Media kepada Menteri Penerangan.

Beliau juga pernah berkhidmat sebagai pengurus ehwal semasa dan penyiaran TV3 dan ketua pengarang berita Berita Harian.

Pelantikan Ibrahim adalah sejajar dengan penstrukturan semula Jabatan Penyiaran yang diluluskan oleh Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam berkuatkuasa 1 Jan lepas.

p.s. Sorry Bro, i am still the only one among your friends who do not like to call you and other people by their nicknames. Its simply because I too have a nickname and I resent it very much, despise those calling me by my nickname and abhors this nickname business because its almost nauseating!. Salam Dari Mergong...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Berita Mutakhir...

Diberitakan bahawa ada seorang berkedudukan kanan dalam satu daripada 3 pergerakan Umno akan berhadapan dengan tindakan disiplin yang mungkin tidak akan melayakan beliau bertanding jawatan penting pada Perhimpunan Agung 2009 ini.

Tuduhannya: Politik Wang.

Sumber Umno memberitahu bahawa surat tunjuk sebab telah diserahkan kepada beliau dan calon ini dijangka akan dipanggil mengadap Lembaga Disiplin Umno dalam masa terdekat.

Berita sepenuhnya akan menyusul...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Valley View By Zukri Valenteno

Kuala Lumpur… Senyuman Mu Di Pagi Ini
Sungguh Bererti Kerna Cinta Bersemi Lagi Setelah Kemarau Panjang
Di Lebuhraya, Di Papan tanda Tergambar Wajah Mu
Dengan Kalimat Cinta Untuk Kita Semoga Kekal Selamanya…

These are the opening lyrics of “Senyumlah Kuala Lumpur”, a famous ballad popularised by the equally famous band Alleycats who rocked the local music charts back in the 1980s.

It was a harmonious love song with the federal capital as its backdrop, about love that had finally blossomed in the heart of Kuala Lumpur after a long hiatus and how the city became the rendezvous point of lovers with a typical happy ending.

Although it is already more than 20 years old, this evergreen hit is still popular in the karaoke circuit today because of the easy and catchy lyrics. It is simple and beautifully composed and has everything to do with Alleycats, the most-loved band in the country!

In a way the song promotes love, caring and loving feeling as well as to smile and exchange smiles at all time. The message, however, hardly gets through these days because we can barely feel love in Kuala Lumpur.

Have you ever noticed these words “Sayangi Kuala Lumpur” on all billboards erected in Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s jurisdiction?

But the city folk’s demonstration and manifestation of love are anything but that.

For instance, KL-ites litter at ease as if there is no tomorrow. They still throw rubbish out of moving vehicles. They spit everywhere without any compunction and still wait impatiently in the yellow box and they have no mercy for senior citizens and children who are about to cross the road.

If that’s not enough, some KL folk still stick bills (especially advertisements on money lenders) at every available public property. In short, they show no love at all.

Suffice to say there is almost no love, or rather the lack of it in Kuala Lumpur.

How to bring back love to this once lovely metropolitan city, the city I grew up in; where the younger generation show respect and love to our elders regardless of our religion and race, colour and creed. The city is supposed to make us feel good and where everyone smiles at each other and exchange greetings at ease?

This is where we live and “cari makan” and I suppose we do not litter in our home, yes?

And I suppose too that we should not be spitting anywhere as we like since we are not uncouth?

Is it all right to drive at breakneck speed without any regard to the other road users or is it okay to rempit at any given road?

Do we not love our beautiful environment in our city that we leave behind tonnes of rubbish after enjoying ourselves at a carnival?

Or we do not love our public toilets anymore after using them to ease ourselves for a trifle fee of 30 sen or 50 sen?

What about our love towards public properties such as the telephones which can be very helpful to us during an emergency like when our handphone batteries are out and when we lose our belongings to snatch thieves and robbers?

In short, have we forgotten what love is? Or how to show love?

I would say nothing is more apt then Black Eyed Peas’ “Where Is The Love?”

Zukri Valenteno is a long-time Kuala Lumpur resident who yearns the day when city folks readily say “Terima Kasih” at every opportunity or even “Selamat Pagi” or “Have A Nice Day” and “Boleh Saya Tolong Encik?” to help foster and share love and the loving feeling. He can be reached at

This article appeared in TheStar Metro today, Tuesday March 10, 2009