Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Money is the root of all evil.

Money is also the root of the debauchery in today’s Umno.

The lame crusade against money politics in Umno or the lack of it was by far a reflection of the willingness on the part of the leadership to address the mother of all evil.

Are they serious? Are they sincere?

Yes and No.

Yes when the Disciplinary Board reported of more than 900 cases of money politics in the recently-concluded party’s annual branch meetings and divisional delegates’ conference, an indicator that the menace was far from being eradicated.

No because the same board was not as swift and judicious enough to set examples that Umno is not one to tolerate money politics, political money, political corruption and anything that falls in the same bracket.

What about the party’s Supreme Council?

When justice was delayed, justice was almost denied.

This is so true to members who stucked their necks out to report occurrences of money politics. They risked everything to play the good Umno man to bring forth reports of unscrupulous members including that of seniors but are their efforts duly compensated?

And what happens after that? Any applaudable reciprocating measures?

As if money politics was not enough to threaten Umno’s future, the party was also beset by wannabes with dubious and blackened background vis-à-vis money politics and other morally disapproved history making their forays into big-time senior positions nothing less!

They spoke with disdain of money politics and other evils but those were the same horrendous traits they were suspected to have been involved in the past that got them into the very present position and situation they were now.

And now these same so-called leaders are spewing gospels in as far as money politics are concerned, Ameen.

I mean how much more wayang can we Umno members stomach?

As a card-carrying member, I am terribly disturbed, sick and tired with this attitude, this charade and this deception as if Umno members at large were only born yesterday and devoid of the hypocrisy of yesteryears.

Enough have been said of the perils of money politics in Umno and the projected trajectory of the party in 5 years to come and that of 10 years in future, if Umno’s future was not already at stake.

Everyone seemed to be fully aware of the direction of the party in future if money politics were immensely tolerated without any compunction but does the same everyone was willing to accept the fate of Umno then?

They all knew that Umno was not just for them now and that Umno is also for the next generation and their generation thenafter but dejectedly the occurring now speaks no volume et al, wither Umno’s future then?

Oftenly Umno members were blamed for asking handouts for everything politics.

Remember that they would not be asking for anything had they not been given, fed and choked with the luxuries of being members by leaders who saw money as the capital for elevation, floatation, maintenance and eminence.

Umno is Melayu and Melayu is Umno in the same breath.

Notice that Melayu is spelled with a capital M.

Money is also spelled with a capital M.